Cooperation terms and conditions

Applicable at Premier Group

For the customer

Orders are placed on the supplier's order form (available for download at, specifying the model, ceramics or glass colour, number of decorative elements, location of the decorative elements, method of packaging and collection, and order completion date. When placing the first order, you are required to send company registration documents electronically together with cooperation and order terms and conditions applicable at Premier Porceline signed by the owner or an authorised person. Provide a 1:1 scale design in corel v16 or lower or an .eps v8 file (all elements converted into curves) with colour specification according to Pantone. Raster designs should be sent in the .tif format, scale 1:1, resolution 300 dpi. We also expect to receive a visualisation of the location of the print on the ordered item. Graphic designs can be sent via our website After receiving the order, we send a confirmation via email which specifies the order completion date and price.


The prices are defined on the basis of the current price list. The prices do not include transport costs. Ceramics and glass are packed in original cartons, unless it is a standard practice to pack certain products differently. There is a possibility to order packagings currently available on offer. Prices quoted in offers and price lists are net ex-works prices.


Colour fidelity in ceramic and glass decal may differ from the design even by 15%, depending on the selected surface and colour. Conducting a test is recommended. Technological trial includes the cost of pre-print + euro 50 net for each prototype. 50 % of the pre-print cost is deducted from the value of the order, provided that the order is placed within 7 calendar days as of receiving the prototype. After this time, the pre-print settings are cancelled and if an order is made, the customer is charged with the cost again.

Print colours and options and customer responsibility

FULL COLOR is understood as CMYK. One colour (white) should be added as underprinting in colour products and glass. CMYK prints differ from CMYK print using the offset or any other technology. A design in the form of a PROOF is treated only as an indicator of the intended final effect. The fact that print on ceramics will not be of offset / printer quality should be taken into consideration. We always recommend conducting a technological trial. By not doing so, the customer assumes the risk of colour discrepancy and incompatibility between the print and the design and the contractor will accept no claims in this respect. Pantone print is understood as composed of single colours. When printing on colour surfaces, an additional colour is added as white underprinting. There is a possibility to combine Pantone colours with CMYK print. Each production file should be prepared with the colours that are to be used in printing. The contractor does not assume the risk for making a mistake of selecting the wrong shade of colour, even if the customer orders the contractor to select the colours himself. The customers bears the costs of pre-print each time he orders the production of print. If the design is changed after the pre-print, the cost of the pre-print is charged again in the amount corresponding to the number of used colours.


Thanks to the HydroColor technology, we are able to offer innovative solutions for dyeing ceramics. This technology translates into a wide range of colours, but it is technically impossible to ideally repeat the colour combination after some time. Ceramics dyed according to colour data sheets is resistant to washing in the dishwasher. The resistance is 100-1000 washing cycles and it depends on the colour and type of coating. If the Soft Touch coating is used, it is possible that the final colour will be close to the intended Pantone colour. The tolerance is 10%. Due to the specificity of paints and their optical properties, the contractor reserves the right that there might be a colour discrepancy. Coating by hydro-glaze on inside surface of the mug create a risk of discolouration this surface in reaction with some of the food products. Discolouring of inside coating by hydro-glaze is not under producer guarantee.  


Only goods qualified as damaged or considered inconsistent with the order are subject to complaint. We shall not be held liable for damage resulting from transport by a forwarding company. Information on any quantity and quality inconsistencies shall be communicated in writing within 7 calendar days as of the date of receipt of the goods by the customer. A damage protocol drawn up on the date of delivery in the presence of the courier should be attached to the complaint. The customer shall incur any and all costs pertaining to delivering the claimed goods to the contractor. Complaints shall be processed within 7 business days as of the date of receipt of the claimed goods. Only the claimed product can be subject to complaint. The producer shall not be held liable for customer's goods (ceramics, glass) delivered for decorating. After re-selling the goods or after they have been further processed, all quality and quantity related complaints are transferred to the customer. After accepting the complaint, the company shall replace the faulty goods with goods which are free from defects in the shortest possible time. The producer's liability is limited to the value of the order placed. In the case of making a complaint concerning the print on the customer's item, the liability on the part of the contractor shall be limited to the value of the order and the contractor shall not be held liable for damage caused by the customer - we recommend running technological tests. Colours of the print shall not be subject to complaint if the customer did not order a prototype before making the final order. Porcelite and porcelain with pinholes up to 1mm and grey or black sports (up to 5 pieces/item) are not subject to complaint. Decal application tolerance is 3mm in either direction. Differences below 3mm are not subject to complaint. An order is considered completed when quantity tolerance amounts to 3% of the ordered volume.


When placing an order, the customer makes an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the value of the order; the remaining amount is payable against receipt or before the delivery, depending on individual arrangements. Each customer is obliged to provide its company registration documents. In the event of a failure to meet trade credit conditions, the customer will make payments in cash. Interest accrued for failure to make payments in a timely manner is four times the lombard rate, payable without any additional call for payment. If the customer is in default with payments for previous orders, we reserve the right to withhold the completion of next orders. The contractor charges a storage fee for goods which were not collected by the customer on time. This fee is PLN 30 net for each pallet space for each calendar day of storage. One pallet space is understood as goods in the number of 10-800 items. This fee will be charged after 7 calendar days following the planned date of releasing goods until the day the goods have actually been collected, inclusive of the day. The goods will be released after the storage fee has been paid against a VAT invoice.


All of the above terms and conditions apply to all customers, unless changed by a separate agreement. The customer agrees that ready works will be used to present the company's technical possibilities in terms of printing quality. The customer bears full responsibility for copyrights to designs to the extent necessary to complete orders. The contractor reserves the title to the ordered goods until the moment the customer pays the payable amount. Any disputes arising as a result of the performance of the above terms and conditions will be settled amicably to the extent possible. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the dispute will be referred to a court having jurisdiction over the contractor's seat. Apart from the interest on default, the contractor has the right to charge a flat-rate fee in the amount of EUR 40, which is to compensate the creditor for the costs of debt collection. The above is stipulated in Article 10 of the Act of 8 March 2013 on payment terms in commercial transactions.

By placing an order, the customer accepts the above terms and conditions.