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Premium Reed diffusers

MOMA Premium Reed difussers


Organic scenced candles

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HydroColor Beton Optic

Beton Optic - natural look surface

Matt surface - looks like concrete

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Soft Touch - mug Soft in Touch

Soft Touch - premium surface for everyone

Icony Mug

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Icony Mug

now available

Steel Icony mugs from
Premier Group

We create Premier Group brand, to delivers the best products to our customer, which will fit perfectly to individual needs.

We take our responsibilities with professionalism, that's why each order is very precious for us. We put quality on the first place. We are focused on details and individual look, having customer satisfaction as the biggest reward. We believe that it is the only way to achieve the best results. What makes us stand out ?

Highes quality 

By using innovative technologies we create fully personalised products, which characterise by highest quality. Coating and imprinting technologies fulfils all UE requirements.  

European producer 

We produce unique porcelain products with advertising projects. We belong to group of leading advertising mugs producers, with distribution of hundreds of thousands products each year.  

Professional service 

Producing of high quality porcelain and glassware it is not the only task which we are fulfilling. Using our knowledge and experience, we are glad to help and advice in choosing the best solutions.  

Our products

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On our website you will find samples of our products. The presented below items represent only a part of our design and production possibilities. We use various methods of imprint and we use the most popular and the most attractive techniques. As we like challenges, we accept unique and demanding orders. Please contact us to find out more.

The process of painting and decorating mugs shows results of our customers' imagination. With our graphic designer's suport, customers may design their own mugs choosing available types of mugs, sizes, colours and types of decorations. Please find the most popular techniques of decorating mugs in the gallery . Here we present samples made for companies from various sectors.

Advertising mugs from Premier Group
– professionals for professionals.

Advertising mugs with imprint are one of the most wanted gadgets on the market and We need to admit that they have unflagging popularity. Mugs are connecting practical values - mug is very precious thing in home or workplace - and promotional value. It is possible to implement different motives from companies logo to interesting graphic design, advertising slogan or original decoration motive. Amount of available option is limited only by imagination of designer or budget. We are able to provide solutions not only for advertising branch but also for gastronomy. Our INGLAZE porcelain coating technology it is the most durable method available on the market, fully mechanic and chemical resistant.